Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Little Lady is 'Growing Up' !

Well's been two months now that Nantuc came to me, and what a complete turn around from that first day.

She was a scared little girl, that first month, peeing and pooping all over the place, and boy I was beginning to feel that this unsightly business would never stop. Never had I gone through so much frustration before with my other 5 wolves, or maybe by the grace of God..I forgot those moments. She is now 6 months old turning on June 12th., her birthday, and so many things are starting to show..

..her eating habits are like a garborator..eats ..all raw food..chicken, beef, deer, moose,rabbit and then has a craving for .. scrambled egg, mango fruit, and as a special treat which I know I shouldn't give her but..guess I'm a 'suck' for those yellow/amber eyes of hers..'maple walnut icecream'..the new President Choice one...yummy!

..She no longer does her business in the house but, has a tenancy to howl at the back door if that time is coming. Thank God! Now the first time this happens is at 6:30am..bright and early..and so a 'walk' we go for over an hour, which happens at least 5-6 times a day.

..She enjoys those moments for the wildlife is abundant where I live, and as a born hunter, I try and hone her instincts to hunt as best as I know how..for an animal who was born in mother natures domain, must learn to hunt to survive, and even though Nantuc will be with me who will provide for her, it is my responsibility to ensure she knows her capabilities if she ever she goes back into the wild. There are plenty of gophers, magpies,crows,squirrels to get her blood flowing, and if and when the time comes that she actually does catch one, she will be on the way to maturity. That eventful moment came on last Monday morning when a magpie fell to her quickness, however, she only held it in her mouth and did not kill it, that is ..not until we got home, where she relieved it of life.

..She is just now starting to refine her personality, for this little young lady is starting to show that she will be an Alpha Female, and I can assure you I'll have my hands full with her..for she has in her all of both her mother and father's ways because she was fully weaned Before I got her leaving me with an interesting future to look forward to.

..and now a few pics of this 'Beauty'... you can see, she has tasted fish already..

..well as time goes on , there will more updates on Nantuc..until then..
..tight lines...