Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where has the Time gone...

Has it been that long..June the 13th., was the last entry and now it is Sept.24th.,...Time..the controller of of humanity has done it again.the summer has pasted and fall begins to creep it's way into position for the dreaded winter to come..and yet my thoughts of the coming spring has me in a lull..a suspended state of mind, only Time can and hopefully will cure.

..Nantuc has made her way into a lovely young lady, yet still has the playfulness of a puppy, always looking, always popping her nose into things she shouldn't, but heck that's the learning of a puppy now isn't it..She is now 18 months and come December 12th., she will be 2 years old and that's when a surge of growth will set in..she has grown taller now and stands with head held high, ears pointing to the sky, oh yes she now looks like the matured wolf she will become..what an amazing look she has..

  ..during this summer past Nantuc has been developing her natural traits..being an Alpha Female, not only to her surroundings but to all dogs that comes into her assigned territory..she sprays her scent over all who dares to come in that certain zone of hers, and if, on occasions, when a dog  that she disproves of, her hair on her lower back neck, shoulders long her back till it comes to her rump stands up making her look almost twice as large as she is..what an awesome sight, yet a bit on the scary side even for me. And then there was the time when we went visiting a close friend who's neighbour had a great Dane pup, about the same age as Nantuc..but definitely way taller, and heavier than her..but knew each other when both were time came to both of them and all was going well until the Dane decided to put her arm over Nantuc's back, for Danes have a habit of playing with their paws like Boxers do. Anyway as the scene progressed, Nantuc was getting upset with this action and for the first time she lifted up her lips, bared her snow white teeth and gave a low throaty growl..which should have stopped the Dane..but nope..the Dane again came with her arms flailing, but this time Nantuc struck a blow on the Dane's cheek..still the Dane came forth but this time my young pup or who I thought was a pup grabbed the Dane by the throat pulling it down , straddled it and once again gave this deep menacing low throaty growl..BUT..this time the Dane didn't come up but laid there in a very submissive manner. Well it looks like my puppy has become the Alpha Female she was born to be..she didn't hurt the dog but showed it that she was the Alpha and had enough.

..during this summer she honed her stalking/killing instincts, by getting 11 Richardson ground squirrels, of which 5 she let go and 6 became fly tying skins, which were sent abroad to my oversea friends. How proud she became each morning we went out on the hunt and she came back with her prize..

 ..gophers were not only the victims, for the common field mouse became a target as well, and a few pics of that , however, going to refrain myself from putting them up considering feathers are all over the living room floor. That's right in my place..that pigeon flew through my kitchen screen door, and wound up as a snack for Nantuc..

Well folks, I'll try not to be so slack in here as time goes until then.................ciao for now..