Monday, March 30, 2015

Has it been that Long....

I had a thought come to me this morn which is the reason why I decided to write a few lines in my long forgotten blog. Oh ya, almost two years since I took the time to write my thoughts. And during those past two years my pack has grown in size as well as personalities. The Alphas were born...Snowflake the first female who was born still remains the dominate among the females and Bear, also the first born male, has lived up to his personality still reigns as the dominate male.

Here is a pic of my handsome young fellow, and he is the reason why my thoughts are being written this morning of March 30th.,2015..I present Bear my Alpha male who has been challenged by his three brothers one time or another these past months as they grew up.

In this pic he is a year and a half, but now he is three plus 3 months the last year or so he has grown up in his appearance, looking more mature than his pic..looks rugged, tough, with a skull measurement of 14" from the back of his head to the tip of his nose. But still is my boy who shows his love and loyalty to me every once in a while. During this last year and a half, he managed to fight a few dogs which took all of my strength to hold him back, still on his lead while those dogs were running free, off leash as their owners just stood there and watched. The wolf will not kill at first but try and dominate the dog first, however, if the dog doesn't summit there is a good chance it might physically regret it's decision.

As I said Bear is the reason I'm writing in here because tomorrow he will be driven up north with me to a vet to have his manhood removed. This is very hard for me, cause I would rather him have a vasectomy like us human males but unfortunately finding a vet who can do this in Alberta around me is like looking for a needle in the hay stack...just not happening! Two reasons why it is going to get done...the main being just don't want any puppies being produced, I've had my fill of removing them. Second is to hopefully allow all four of my males to get along without the sexual urge to be the Alpha when it comes to mating. In the wild if there has been males born within the pack, the Alpha male will force them to leave when they turn two years old to start their own pack....that's why I'm hoping by having all the males castrated, they can get along.

So far Kaos, the last male to be born has gone through it, Bear tomorrow , then comes Nishka and last is the omega..Ghost. The expense is out of line, as far as I'm concern here in Calgary, for the vets want between $600.00 to $700.00 per animal to do something that takes about 20 odd minutes. So I'm forced to leave Calgary and go to a vet that treats farm and wild animals, at a substantial reduction in cost.

I'll be taking his mother Nantuc with me to keep him calm during the ride going and coming back...will write the results of his experience later this week..but for now..wish him good luck...........