Sunday, November 28, 2010

 ..Was getting pretty tired of opening up my blog to be faced with those two 'stockies' as I've been told from the boys over the pond, that I thought why not add this pic to my blog.. is just great to see my 'not so behaved but beautiful young Lady' that she is..just kidding by the way, for she does things to please me on a daily basis. Whether it is something not so grandeur, but very meaningful never the less. Such as coming out to see me when I'm on the computer, and giving me a very deep growl [which sometimes sends the hair on the back of my neck straight up to heaven], then bouncing backwards to catch my attention..a sign that it is her time to occupy my time not the computer! Or what about those special moments when she needs to go out and I'm enjoying one of rare moments called sleep. How she figured out that the 'loudest' bark I've ever heard, [only 6"] from my face would send me flying to the ceiling is beyond me..but damn it all, it sure works! However, one of her 'grandeur' moments made me gasp leaving me with just a broad smile on my face, when without me saying a word, she sat down. Huh? say..yes this happens now every time we come to a street either at a corner or out from a lane way, she automatically sits down. I think she has seen a few dogs around here doing just that and in her mind she believes this is the thing to do.

..And so , I present to you my not so little puppy any longer showing me what she likes to do just for the heck of it..

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Another fly just arrived this morning...

..this time it came in from Scotland, Greenock made another super looking one..check out 'Fly Patterns'..

Monday, November 22, 2010

More interesting videos came my way

..I've added a few more videos to this section ,if you get a chance have a peek, you just might like them..till next time..Ciao,Ciao!

Two more Southern Irish Flies have arrived! the title says, two more flies have arrived from Ireland, made by Seanie. These two are what is called the 'Peter' fly a very common, well used fly , however, Seanie adds his Southern flair to the ties with a not so common material. Please check out the 'Fly Patterns' section..

Friday, November 5, 2010

What will they think of Next...??? appears that in the need to give anglers a reason for returning to a certain lake that has been 'stocked', some futuristic biologist came up with a 'new' strain of rainbow trout. A trout that not only looks different than Oncorhynchus mykiss, but has it's own name now as a variant with 'Oncorhynchus mykiss walbaum', the "Blue Trout".

..I've supplied a Url, so that you may read about this new variant, which is a 'rave' in the UK at the moment, many of the fishers who have been lucky in catching this fish just rant and rave on it's quality of fighting as well as the taste of it's flesh. If you get a chance to fish for the 'blue trout', by all means please let me know your thoughts... 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New additions to two sections...Wolves and Nantuc..."Audio Clips" has taken me a bit of time to introduce.."audio clips" into this blog. I'm not versed in 'HTML', however, with a bit of help from a good friend of mine from Denmark, I was able to finally succeed.. is hoping that what you will hear will thrill you as it does to me each time I hear them...