Thursday, March 14, 2013

The results of that first meeting...

It has been a very long time that I wrote in here...guess one might say I was a lazy, or not interested..well that could be true but on the other hand my time has been consumed by the birth and raising of my Nantuc's family these past year and a bit.
Where to begin has always caused me a bit of time, but not my white lady Nantuc. She knew from the moment she met Kaos, that he would father her a pack of her own.

 With wolves, the breeding is different than a dog, for being a high content predator, like the large cats, the bears, their copulating time lasts for 4 days which solidify the making of their babies. During the regular 'humping', everybody expects that ,that is when babies are conceived..wrong! It is when the humping stops and leaves both sex in opposite direction of each other. And while both sexes start to relax, this is when the seamen of the male is actually ejected into the female. 
Nantuc became pregnant finally!
After waiting 62 days, which during the last three days of her pregnancy, she was looking for a 'den' to have her pups...and this took place when we went outside for her daily walk..
looking behind bushes, behind some of the low hanging trees, then settling for the second bedroom I have in my home. Here is a pic of how she looked before giving birth..

And so..on Friday the 29th.,of January 2011,at 7:02pm, I heard a yelp, and out came my beautiful white lady with her first born in her mouth into the living room! She gently dropped him into my hands..and there was a 1/2 lb.,white baby boy all of 11 inches long. I proceeded to take him into the second bedroom, laying him on the mattress and letting Nantuc know this is where she can call her 'den' and have her pups. To my amazement as well as my fault, she had 9 pups with the last one a male at 2:35am Saturday the 30th, of January,2011. She had 5 females, 2 were white, and 3 were coloured..4 males of which only the last one was coloured.
My goodness a full healthy pack of wolves were born in my home...Wow!! Here is a video of the pack...sorry that it is dark and the pups are 3 weeks old in here...
 Remember I stated that it was my fault that Nantuc had so many pups..well it was true! Had I remembered that in the wild if there is a shortage of food, only 3-5 pups would be born, however if there is a lot of game to be had..the pregnant female would have as many as 9..just my luck to forget this but my concerns was to feed my lady the best of raw food I could get to give her what she needed to have a health birth of pups.
Well there you have it, I now have a pack of wolves, of which I only sold one female, and she turned out as beautiful as I is "Meka" at 7months old, sent to me from her owner..before when I had her as a pup to after she was sold...
a real cutie she was...
and now this is how she turned out...
I thought it would be great to show off my 'big boy' in his baby pic you will see that he looks like a baby polar bear cub..then the next pic will be what he looks like now..
now this is him at one year,2months old...
he became the 'beta'..the guard for the alphas and me!
The pups are still pups even though they are over the one year mark, for with wolves they become fully mature at 4 years old, not like dogs which mature at 2 years old...I could load up my blog with recent pics of the pack, but will only post a few more and then post my 'youtube' channel so all who would be interested can see the videos of my pack....

This boy is called 'Ghost'..[my gentle giant]..

This one is 'Nikita'..the female beta..
But this one is 'Snowflake' the alpha this pic she is wearing a protective cover, for she is in full heat..
Here comes ..'Meko', the omega of the females..
well I do have plenty more but for now this will for the 'youtube link'.................

hope you all enjoy my wolf pack as much as I do........cheers till next time!


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  1. Oh I love Ghost"".He has a look in his eyes that tell just how great of a animal he is! You can see he's A loving part of the house.I give him top pick out of all of them.