Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Year is now 2016...creating the Maturity of my Wolves.

Well....looks like I finally found the way back into my blog to do some update posting...

As the title has indicated my pack now have become what is termed as an Adult of four years old. These past years of growing up has indeed given me an enriched education or is that better said a truly quality incite to the development of the wolf from scratch. 

Yes these high content animals are certainly far more intelligent than what man has made them out to be. My pack seems to respond to my pitch and force of my words, action, mannerism one might say the way that a baby human does as they are growing up. I use "water" to solve a lot of the situations that happens unexpectedly ..example: a serious friction between two as to who eats what, or what happens quite a lot when one knocks into another when that one is asleep... the past several months especially during the early sun raise...the stopping of them from 'howling' which is loud enough to wake up the! When they see the water container sprayer, Silence is the dominate factor here! is a pic of Meko, my female guard..and that is the meaning of her name..means guard.
 Boy she is beautiful and the most affectionate one of the entire pack. She has on several occasions already live up to her name, 'guarding' by being voice when people who are either strangers or well known who enter my home.

Over the course of this last year [2015] a dominance factor had occurred, leaving one male toothless..both upper fangs. This happened between Nishka the second largest born [155 lbs.] with Kaos the last male that was born [115 lbs.]. The loss of the teeth happened during two separate fights..and both times it was Kaos that started it, and guess what.. it was Kaos who lost his teeth.

  Could post a pic of what they look like after the battle but to tell the truth, it breaks my heart to look at the pics I took...however here is a pic of Kaos before any battles..

Just don't think this dominance thing they have only applies to the males, not on your life! The females go through it as well it is the 'pecking order', and during that type of fight between that sex, they all jump in onto one...and my little Nikita, the last female to be born,the little brown one had been injured,which she still has not fully recovered from. 
Arthritis has set into her hind legs at the hip joints, this gets worse when there is a change in the weather, such as when a Chinook comes through or now when winter is starting to subside and spring is trying to come out.

But despite this she has proven how strong she is , she eats/drinks just like normal but I make sure she gets always a bit more than the others , especially red meat..deer,moose,or elk, even beef when I buy some. She gets small portions of the raw organs heart or kidneys,just to give her stronger nourishment found in the organs  which I always boil before giving to them, just don't want them to get super aggressive with raw bloody organs.

They have developed their own personalities, as an example with Kaos...he has without me teaching him formed a habit when anyone within his room, poops or pees, calls to me to let me know there is a mess and does not stop making noise till I come there and clean it this has prompted yet another one Ghost to do the same thing...way too bloody smart I say.

My last wolf, Nikita, the coastal tundra wolf formed a habit of snarling showing her teeth when ever I put my hand to her face, this was one of her ways of playing....ironically my little brown one whose name is also Nikita has taken up that habit as well, where no others have.

Now don't know what people in general prefer to put on their dogs be it a collar or a harness of type, for me I've found that harnesses are best, which gives me the control over them if they decide to show aggression when out on their walks. Main reason I'm against collars is for two it has a tendency to choke , the next and most important is it can hurt/destroy the larex and I'm most definitely against anyone 'cutting the larex' on their dogs to stop them from are a couple of pics of what type I use...

 For the time being I'm going to close off till a little later on, it is nice however to post once again. Cheers!

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