Fly Patterns..

Because I personally will be moving provinces, I thought it would be best just to run the country flag............... 

In this page I'll be showing the ties from other fly tiers, who in my opinion have created a "hungry looking fly"...

The first tie will be made by a commercial tier from formally from BC., now living in Alberta..

Tier: 'JohnK' from 'Alberta, Canada' ..

..his fly is called the 'Pumpkin Head'..

..and his latest creation..the 'Pulsating Shamsel'..

Tier : 'Professori' from the mainland of 'British Columbia, Canada'..

..his fly is called 'Caddis Pupae'..

..His new fly..' Leied Pornomid ' .. is an unusual tie..' Gorrila Foot Leech '..

..the next tier is from 'Vancouver Island, BC..

 ..and his name is 'Troutman Clay'..

..his fly is called 'Wolf Poacher'..

Some New Arrivals..  

The first of these new flies come from North Ireland..
..the Tier is 'GBigtrout' .. is his latest creation ' Mayfly '..

..his flies are..'Palmered Wolf'..

..and then came the 'Sedge Wolf'.. well as the 'Wolf Coho Shrimp' ..

Adding here another Irish tier but from the South West..

..the tier is 'Seanie'..

..two more of Sean's creations have just arrived, from the 'rainy' green Isle..

..' Pike Fly from Ireland '..

..No #1 - Irish Pike Fly ..

..'Fiery Polar Peter'..

..'Picric Polar Peter'..

..his flies are..'The Arctic Moth'..


 ..and the 'Polar Wolf'..

..the next southern tier is '1973Dereks'..
  his first fly is called  'WolfBait'..

..his next fly is called 'Wolf Spey of Ireland'..

 ..the next tier comes from 'Scotland'.. the name of 'Greenock'..

..his fly is called 'Arctic Wolf Whisker'..

..his next fly is called 'Wolfy Wet'..


..another Scot to is ' Shanksi '.. let's start off with this beautiful fly..

..' Cormorant Fry Fly '..

..' CDC Mayfly '..

..' Wolf Shrimp '..

..' McPhail Bug '..

..' Wolf Perch '..


..we have a new tier that comes from ' Kent, England', and his name is " Sunray ", here is his ties..

..' Grey Wullf Fly '...

..' Nantuc Wullf Fly '...


..we have a new tier called ' TK ', who comes from South Wales, where ppl from all over the UK come to fish the ' Sewin ', which we know as ' SeaTrout here are some of his flies..

..' Wolf Lure '..

..' Snatcher Hopper '..

 ..' SteelHead Wolf '..

..' Mylies Wolf '..

..' Blood Wolf '..

..This will be a New Sub Section called..

"Fly Swaps"..