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 Wolves..one of the most misunderstood predators on this plant. People have an inbred fear when they hear the cry of a Wolf, or hear that one is close by on their ranches or close to the towns they live in. Canis Lupus has a reputation, that is going to take a very long time to change, for it is man who has put this label on it, however to some including me they are an animal that gives unconditional loyalty and love if it can be called that to the human who gives their respect and love to it.

The Wolf at birth receives all of the instincts of it's kind through it's mother's 'milk', and so after saying this one should know that a pup who is taken from it's parents for whatever circumstances that has taken place, the younger they are, the easier they can be socialized into man's idea of the world.

There are many organizations now around the world who believe that the Wolves have been persecuted long enough, and are starting to for governments all over the world to start protecting them, rather than killing them for sport or out of fear.

I personally have had 5 wolves so far in my time, and if it is possible, I shall obtain another. Each animal I've had, had a very different personality to the next, and 4 of them were males, leaving the last one a SheWolf..Nikita is her name.

Now Nikita is also the 5 breed of Wolf we have here in Canada, starting from the Arctic Wolf, from the most northern region of the Arctic, Timber Wolf, Gray Wolf, Tundra Wolf, and the latest the Coastal Tundra Wolf. The coastal wolf , is a smaller breed than the inland Tundra Wolf, feeding on mainly fish, and the small black deer which are found on the west coast of British Columbia. This specie swims to the vast islands north of Vancouver Island in search of food. It has only been 2 maybe 3 years that this wolf has been recognized.

Here are a few pics showing the 5 breeds starting with the tallest..

The Arctic Wolf..


The Timber Wolf..

The Gray Wolf..

The Tundra Wolf..

The Coastal Tundra Wolf..

I shall be adding to this section as time passes..