Dedicated to my New Arctic Female Wolf..Canis lupus arcticus

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Well, I guess I should of made this section a long time ago, but in that time I was neither thinking about this new pup nor for the fact that by making a section all for her, I could follow her growth into her adult final stage. Something I've been very slack in with all my other wolves, although, they all taught me things that I needed to know for the next one who happen my way.

This young lady is something else entirely, but as all of my wolves they had their certain quirks about them, and Nantuc is certainly no different.

Her puppy stage has really been a joy to me, again something that I had forgotten over the years with Nikita and her brother Lobo..She has a set pattern in her daily routine that as I said brings laughter to me everyday. Time is precisely 8:08am, her time to come out of the bedroom to first look out the living room window just to check on her territory I guess, then if not in any hurry cause the sun is also just waking up, she will have a bit of 'marrow' still found in one of the many bones she has laying on the hemp carpet in the living room..her spot for all foods that are raw.

Now comes the moment when she tick,ticks (the sound of her toe nails as she prances ) into the kitchen where I'm hard at work on my PC, her greeting is one that I've been waiting for..a few stretches, sound strange noises like we all do while waking up, then it happens...Kisses...not just one lick but so many that sometimes I have to push her away cause I just can't catch my breath.

Our 'life bond', gets stronger as the days pass, the greatest gift anyone can receive from an animal be it wild or domesticated, is the trust and respect mixed with a strange feeling of loyalty, we as humans call 'love'. Now kissing or licking doesn't sometimes last long , for her next move is back to the bedroom, up on the bed, waiting for her morning rub, scratch, and petting, yes this is definitely a very different wolf that I've been accustomed to in the five before her. With these routine acts it has been hard for me to tell whether she will become an Alpha or be an Omega Wolf in her adult years. But I guess it is best not to judge her at her puppy stage, but to let nature take it's course.

As you have read in my previous posts on Nantuc, her real puppy stage has developed into her not quite one year old stage yet, for as of this month, she turned 10 months old. Still wanting to play ever moment she can, constantly bringing me some of her play toys while I'm working in the kitchen...either preparing her meals for the day or time when I'm on my PC..which in most cases that's exactly where I am..hooking up with my over seas fishing friends or tending to the daily chore of 'emails galore', and forum sites to check into!

Within 30 minutes of her getting up this quite voices animal starts to growl, a deep low long drawn out growl, then it turns into the common 'wolf howl' what a beautiful sound she produces. Yep, this is my clue to get dressed for the outside , leash her up on her 50' lead and out for her 'first walk' of the morning! Down the back steps she flies, for relief is only a few feet away...leaving her tell tale scent on the grass in the back, we now proceed for the one to two hour walk, [which by the way doesn't always happen]. Back in we my place we go, only to once again be told after 2 hours, that she wants out again.

This is the time that the 1-2 hour walk kicks in, for all her friends are out now starting their daily routine.The birds [one day she will catch one of those pesky sparrows, so she thinks], the magpies, the squirrels, yes those fur balls that like to torment her so much she forgets that at the other end of her 50' lead is my hand which is attached to a bloody sore shoulder due to her new found power of growth. Up and back all over the neighboring area we have traveled, leaving me out of breath and her ..a very empty stomach!

So back home we go, finished for her morning two walks..time for something tasty to eat when we get back..either a raw rib bone of beef, or buffalo or elk will satisfy her enough for her to once again start her growing by going back into the bedroom for a long 'wolf nap'.

The afternoon has come and I had my lunch in peace but not for long, for it is time once again to take her out to do her business, check out who has walked by and to see if any of the small dogs are out for a bit of puppy play. And that is what amazes me..she is fond of small dogs whether they are pups themselves or just adult small dogs. However when it comes to mid size and bigger she displays a different  approach, very wary the same as she does to human males.. and treats women/children as if they were small pups and small adults with no worries. Maybe as she gets older in her 2nd year she just may show aggression to those dogs who are medium to large, that I really don't know, for as I said her tactics are showing me a great difference than my other wolves, maybe cause she is an Arctic Wolf...don't know, but time will tell.

...Now this concludes my writing at the moment, and as this young lady wolf grows, I'll be putting up more pics of her and stories to tell. Hope you enjoy these 6 pics of her starting from her baby pic, that was sent to me from where I got her...

 ...Look for more photos of Nantuc in the very near future...