Monday, June 13, 2011

Nantuc...on her way as a 'teenager'..

It has been a long time that I sat in front of the computer to write in my blog, guess it has been do to lack of interest, or the many things that have been going on with Nantuc and myself. She has been growing not only in body but in her acceptance of humans. It has been just great to see how my patience in getting her to leave her wariness behind and go up to women and especially children. In her way of approach, you can see how much confidence she has gained, for she realizes that they are like her in a way...'a child'..without the fear that adults have and show when they hear she is Wolf.

..Now let's see if I can put down Nantuc's daily routine starting from the time it is for her to get out of my bed!

..Like all young wolves they sleep close to their siblings or in her case to me for security and comfort. She sleeps on top of my bed, at the bottom part closes to my legs, which gives her access to easily get off the bed without waking me up. She curls up there for about 5 minutes, then gets up to change her position, and settles next to my head where she likes to share my pillow, yet when I do wake up, her position had changed once again.

..I like to take her out before the world of human traffic begins , giving both her and I a piece of time without the hustle and noise that follows from everyday life. This is when it can be called our time for strengthening up our bondage between us..

..Time to get now Nantuc for your companion has had his 2 cups of coffee and ready to face whatever is there for the day..but are still laying on the bed. Half in a daze, stretched out like the princess you have become. As I said , this is our time for bonding, and so she just lays there while I rub her legs, body, neck, head, clean her eyes from the night's sleep, and basically massage her while she just yawns away in a lazily princess's fashion, if there was one...

..this is now where she displays her trust and affection to me, for it is the time that she licks my face, something that my Nikita never did, or the other four male wolves either. Personally, I think she loves the taste of the coffee, for most of the time there is coffee on my mustache, which she licks

..time now has her looking for any one of her play toys to toss around in the living room till I get myself ready to venture out on her first walk through out the neighborhood. She is very patient with me , sitting by the back door while I get myself ready, then it is off to smell the morning dew! There are tons of black/gray squirrels , magpies, robins,sparrows and the odd rabbit that greets her every morning, but for the most part , it is the daily walk that will encourage her to eat, once we get back home.

..Nantuc has an enormous appetite, starting with a pan full of chicken livers and hearts, [which she eats the hearts like candy, one after another], this she will have after our 30-60 minute walk first thing in the morning. And after she has her breakie, it is off to the bedroom once again to sleep and grow not only in height but now in weight..for the average weight of a female wolf will be between 55-60 lbs out in the wild for most part of their lives..

..Now Nantuc weighs a bit more around 65 lbs, but she is NOT fully matured as of yet..being only 17 months as of yesterday. She still has lots to grow before she reaches 4 years old, which is when she will be fully matured. Around 5 or so she will eat again but this time a half of a fresh raw chicken, then a walk, then time to sleep again..

..and so night has come and once again walking is in order, time has passed now from 10 o'clock to 11 o'clock and out pops one of her friends...a 2 year old unfixed 'dog'! They have been friends ever since she came to me, and have played together ever since. My neighbor takes his two out and only one does Nantuc plays with..the older dog is 17 now and it is like she knows that he doesn't play and is in his last days of life. It is strange to see but she goes up to the old dog and gives him a lick as to acknowledge out of respect for him..

..after a time playing it is time once again to Eat...then off to bed for the night...

..This was just a taste as her day goes for it does change daily but it summarizes to what I wrote, as a routine but as it is up to her, there can and have been more long walks and trips to the rivers for fishing and the summer gets on...


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