Thursday, April 8, 2010

Black is Best!

For the past three weeks, here at the Bow River, just south of Calgary, the Browns and Rainbows have been wakening from their winter are a few pics to show you where the fish were waking up...

On the way to McKinnon Flats..these mountains are the Rockies which are West of Alberta dividing British Columbia, from the plaines...

 McKinnon Flats...

 Carsland Dam ..still south of the Flats..

 Boy ..winter brings out the diehards...

..Despite the lower end of the Bow River, just at the edge of the city, the Bow is not covered in snow, but the brown grasses of fall is present. It is the starting point that brings out the fisherman be it gear or fly, the pursuit of trout takes place..with every fly fisher you will find an array of flies in their box, but it is a proven fact that only a small number of flies will bring trout to battle.

These flies will bring success to the fisher..
San Juan Worm in two styles..the common red worm tied with chenille..
   and the wire San Juan Worm..
 ..griffin's gnat..
 ..Black Copper John..
 these flies have been the key as of late, however,just in the past several days, the 'dry' flies down to size 16-20, [griffin's gnat] has brought many a first to the fishers around town.

 with the odd big Brown taken on a leech..
 Well, another moment in the fishing of the Bow River...
  ..tight lines amigos!

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