Thursday, April 22, 2010

My New Family Member..

I needed to fill the void that my Nikita left me in, and so inquiries were being made..called quite a few places , only to be disappointed once again. Finally one of my contacts that I placed a call to several months ago before my loss of Nikita, gave me a call. I was asked if I was still interested in getting a wolf pup..guess that call couldn't have come at a better time.

We chatted for sometime, and made arrangements for me to see a pup plus the father of the litter. Now I was informed when I first contacted this breeder that there was a female wolf puppy left from a litter of 5..4 males and one female. This pup was an Arctic Wolf of 93%, meaning that with the mixture of the father..timber/tundra, and the mother who had 89% Arctic in her with malmute making up the rest, gave this litter a greater chance of being almost pure wolf.

I had in mind that she would had taken my interest and I would like to see her, now, when first told about her ,she was 3 months old, now she was 4 1/2 months, getting into an area that I wasn't to comfortable with. I've learnt already that raising a wolf pup up until 6 months is find, a bit hard having them learn to 'trust' you, but so it takes a bit longer...however after 6 months you have your hands full, for they are already geared to follow their instincts.

There they were, both the dad and the little pure white wolf! Now the dad, well, he certainly is a handsome brute, just a typical two year old gray/silver/white timber with the longish ears of a tundra. But that little white fluff of fur is not to little by any means. She has long legs, and paws that can be found on an adult, however, she is lean giving the appearance that she has not been fed quality food. During the conversation with the chap, I found out that she was fed can dog food, scraps of food, pork of all things [this is no good for wolves IMO], she was not house broken, had not received her shots, was an outdoors animal [I think he just had her in the garage at night].

Well this young lady, was very timid, giving off certain signals IMO..I've had 5 wolves before this one and I can see/tell that she was miss treated..not socialized , was afraid on men, hated the leash, was wearing a collar that was extremely tight, in all I believe that she was 'kicked' several times and half starved.

I bought her! And right now as I'm writing this, she is sleeping by my is a pic of what she looks like...

She weighs around 30 odd pounds, when I got her, and as of 6 days, today being the sixth, she weighs just over 45 lbs and growing fast.

It is said that the Arctic Wolf is the tallest we have here in Canada, which can reach well over 7' long. When she gets to her full size, she should be able to drape both of her front paws over my shoulders with ease, and I stand a good 6', here is a pic of a full grown Arctic Wolf...


 As a pup,she is very cautious of strange sounds, movements no matter what has caused them, and of course People, with dogs she just stands her ground , not moving towards them but faces them head on. She has displayed her agression twice now with two separate dogs, a male pup living quite close to us and the other a full grown retriever, a young male. Her behavior towards dogs will be quite interesting as she is growing up, now I'm not in the habit of going places where people bring their dogs for an outing, an 'off leash' area, and over here in Calgary, there are plenty of them. I will be taking her to the Bow River in places that there are the least number of canines, simply because ..dogs seem to go to wolves as if they are a beacon of strange oder to them, just like dogs go to's their strange oder they emit.

Been watching her very closely, and have noticed several actions of her's that indicate 'abuse'. The first is quite obvious, for the moment you approach her with a lead in hand..she bolts! This says that the breeder was very aggressive when he put her on display, could have been tied up in a compound for long periods of time , thus causing apprehension when seeing a lead/rope/leash. She was Not around people as a real puppy should at her earlier weeks, and showed tenancies of being 'kicked', when coming over to her..

..puppies are very curious, and friendly, it is natural for them to come over to you showing no fear, however, not this young lady, very shy, timid if you must, but not a typical puppy response that one might expect. This will change, that I'm sure of , for knowing my ability, it won't take long before she feels at 'home', here with me and the smells that my Nikita had left behind. This will be her safe haven, and here she will feed till her stomach is happy.

She has passed the stage of eating whatever she was fed before, because , from the time I brought her home she was fed raw meat, beef [red meat], and maybe now after conditioning her tummy, and the toxins have left her stomach, I'll introduce raw chicken, buffalo or elk, and rabbit of course, but most of all..deer meat. She shows that she likes the marrow inside of leg soup bones, but ..she can't have to much for it binds her up and her stools become like little rocks! Have to add veggies to the meal of meat..and that should prove easy enough cause the veggies will be blended into a thick liquid which I can pour over the meat...hopefully.

It has been 12 years since I took care of a pup, and so far she has worn me down..for the first two nights she decided to wake me up at 3 in the morning with her howling..and boy is her voice ever 'deep', it sent chills to the back of my neck till I realized it was her and not some adult wolf out side of my bedroom.

..gave her a bath the second day, just couldn't put up with the foul smell she was carrying, and she was good, didn't give me any grief at all, here is a pic after that bath..

..But the best part is the fact that she has taken to a dog 'Kato'..he is a 13 year old vet with a major disability..he is 'Blind' ! Now the pup really likes him and imitates Kato's play actions,which is quite comical to watch. Kato has a habit of grabbing stuff toys, and shaking the hell out of it when he is told to 'kill,kill'..for he was a superb mouser, and when he caught one, he would shake it so hard , it would die.. the pup has done the same, a very useful tool for her, in the months to come.

..see..buddies already......

She has a lot of work cut out for her in the coming months, for she must learn to hunt/kill [small animals, nothing large], to swim, to learn how to 'guard' her new location, which I sure will take awhile for that, if she gets over the timid part. as she starts to grow up, I'll be entering new pics of her growth, and some of her fishing experiences, another thing I must do is to teach her how to you can see, she is waiting to have a native Indian name, hopefully in the next few weeks , the Lady who is in contact with me will send 3 names from which I can choose one, I'll post it when it is certain.

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