Friday, March 4, 2011

A small packet came in from England..."High Heeled Hoppers"..

..what a surprise it was to find out one of my m8s from England is a 'pro tier'..Bob Holland..aka..Sunray, he enclosed in his package 5 very beautiful and different style of 'hoppers', that is for here in Canada. He calls them the 'High Heeled Hoppers'..however,he also sent a write up about them. And so I present my friend to you..

  ..sorry but had to make the pic in it's original size, otherwise you wouldn't be able to read the patterns.


  1. Hi Wolfie ....

    I'm assuming you're 'the' Wolfie. My most sincere apologies for stepping into your personal space albeit briefly ... however I thought you might like to know about the very sad passing of Judy aka Featherwalk.

    I've only found out today what happened ... last time I was in contact with her she was undergoing tests and promised to get back to me. Now I know why my many emails and PMs have been unanswered. She passed away in January.

    If you wish to read her obituary ... you'll find it here ... .... it is under her first married name of Judy Mae Tarwater.

    I won't bother you again and found you by 'googling' your username. I hope you don't mind ... I just thought you'd like to know about the very very sad loss of our Judy.

    Take care - Alex

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